First Teaser Trailer for Disney's Highly Anticipated Sequel 'Frozen 2'

Anna Elsa Frozen 2

First Teaser Trailer for Disney's Highly Anticipated Sequel 'Frozen 2'

The cold actually does bother us, anyway.

Now the trailer for the new film is out fans are a bit confused because it looks super dark! "I'll let them figure that out". New to the sequel is This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown and Westworld actor Evan Rachel Wood, although their characters have yet to be revealed. Perhaps the feeling is the original Frozen audience from 2013 has grown up a little and so the movie needed to grow with them. Director Jennifer Lee stoked the online campaign by suggesting she and the film's writers were considering fans' calls.

Broadway star Caissie Levy joined the celebration, tweeting: "I love Elsa's trousers - the ones I wear onstage and the one she wears on film!"

So perhaps one of these characters could be a love interest for our heroine?

Actually, this one is probably easy to guess.

Again, I'm not the target audience for a movie like this, and Frozen II is going to be big regardless of what a wacko like me thinks of it. It's plot centered on Princess Elsa of Arendelle, who possesses paranormal powers that allow her to control and create ice and snow.

In late January the reunited ensemble of the original Frozen had already begun teasing the film on Twitter and Instagram.

Throughout the trailer, Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Hans (Santino Fontana), and Olaf (Josh Gad) are seen battling unseen and in some cases, elemental foes.

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