Florida official accused of face-licking and groping resigns

MADEIRA BEACH Florida — Commissioner Nancy Oakley is being accused of sexually harassing a former city manager

Florida Politician Resigns After Reportedly ‘Licking’ Men’s Faces Groping Them City of Madeira Beach Florida8 Feb 2019

The commissioner had been under fire since 2017 when the ethics violation complaint was filed against her by a former city official who charged Oakley of sexually harassing him by licking his face and groping him during a public event.

In her resignation letter, Oakley insisted she was innocent and said she intends to appeal. The Tampa Bay Times reported the board of commissions accepted Oakley's resignation on Wednesday night. Crawford said Oakley "then grabbed his crotch, and slowly licked him from his Adam's apple all the way up his face".

Madeira Beach City Commissioner Nancy Oakley handed in her resignation Tuesday.

Crawford told Bay 9 News last month that Oakley had a "habit of licking men that either she was attracted to or thought that she had authority over". He called for Oakley to be publicly censured, reprimanded and fined $5,000.

Oakley survived a recall effort in 2018 but did not run for re-election to her seat. The details are a bit convoluted, but Oakley took issue with the presence of Crawford's executive assistant, Cheryl McGrady.

She also called her resignation "a hard decision" that she made to "still the controversy" over her alleged behavior, the outlet reported.

The Commission announced January 30 it had determined Oakley violated the state's ethics code with her "inappropriate behavior" toward city staff.

Administrative law judge Robert S. Cohen wrote Oakley's alleged licking of Crawford was "too unusual to be contrived by multiple witnesses and multiple victims" in the Commission's final report on the incident.

Oakley and fellow city officials Jon Douthirt and mayor Maggi Black soon suspended Crawford, The Herald reported.

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