Fortnite account merging is finally here

Fortnite account merging is finally here

Fortnite account merging is finally here

While Fortnite players who played across multiple systems previously needed to have a separate account in order to do so, Epic is now allowing players to merge accounts, allowing them to use the same one across multiple platforms.

Battle Royale will allow you to merge all cosmetic items.

Banned and disabled accounts can not be merged, obviously.

The good news is the account merge feature is now live. Simply go to the Epic Games merge website and select a primary account. This feature will let all V-bucks and items earned across two accounts to finally be in one place. Being able to play against your friends regardless of what device they used has been one of Fortnite's strengths, but it made managing game resources sometimes more hard than it needed to be. This is the main account that all other accounts will "merge" to - the account that will end up being the final, main account at the end of the process.

All you need is an account that has played on Xbox One or Switch and another that's played on PS4 before September 28, 2018 for it to work.

The secondary account's console login (PSN, Xbox Live, or Nintendo Online) will then be instantly linked to the selected primary account. This merger tool is specifically created to help people affected by the Sony account lockdown issue, and will not help you merge two unrelated old accounts. This means that if you have one account on Xbox and one on Switch, you can't merge them with the tool. Just to be clear, the wording specifies that the second account is disabled.

Epic highlight that other items such as Unreal Marketplace items, Creative Islands, and Save The World account levels and progress will not be merged over from your secondary account and will be gone, potentially forever, upon the successful merger of your accounts.

Fortnite Creative will be available December 6 for those with a Battle Pass.

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