'Fortnite' staged an entire Marshmello concert inside the game

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'Fortnite' staged an entire Marshmello concert inside the game

Players of the wildly popular online game "Fortnite: Battle Royale" received a musical treat on Saturday when EDM producer and DJ Marshmello performed live in the game. The 10-minute event took place in Pleasant Park and was apparently attended by 10 million players. The first ever live virtual concert inside of Fortnite with millions of people in attendance. Here is where players can find the Showtime Venue in Fortnite. Unreal. On top of that, Marshmello's actual website lists him as playing at Pleasant Park, so I'd say it's a fairly sure thing.

Video game journalist Geoff Keighley revealed on Twitter that his sources told him that the show may have smashed the current record for concurrent players as it was watched by an incredible number of people in-game.

To unlock the Fortnite Mello Rider Glider, again, you will need to head into the Item Shop.

For example, there was one particular moment where you could hear Marshmello say, "I want everybody to fly with me".

Then, most tellingly, there are multiple posters advertising this concert in Pleasant Park on February 2 at 09h00 PM as part of a showtime challenge - check out our wiki guide to see exactly where these posters are. And so, looking forward to making this concert more special, Fornite has added several Marshmello themed Skins and Cosmetics in its Item Store.

It combined integrated merchandise (Marshmello dances and skins), a global shared experience that was also personal (only 50 gamers per game) and unique gameplay (gamers floated up into the sky).

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