GM expected to start laying off about 4000 workers on Monday

GM's involuntary layoffs start Monday at least 4,000 workers expected to lose jobs

The Detroit automaker could layoff thousands of white-color workers as early

At the same time, it announced plans to close four U.S. plantsas well as a fifth in Canada.

February's cuts will help to amass a projected cost savings of $2.5 billion in 2019. The move also will allow GM to develop a ride-hailing service, according to CNN.

The approval rating for GM CEO Mary T Barra is at 89%, a solid percentage on its own (Glassdoor CEO average is around 65%), but over time, is her worst in the past 18 months. However, the number of job openings at the company has decreased since late September, which was nearly two months before announcing its restructuring plans.

GM Canada president Travis Hester has said the future of cars is electric, rather than internal combustion.

We've been expecting layoffs at General Motors since November, 2018.

The exact timing of these layoffs remains unclear, however.

Trump is due to tout his economic successes on Tuesday during the annual State of the Union address to Congress.

Overall, Trump is presiding over a strong American economy. More than 6,200 jobs are at stake. But trade tensions and global economic anxiety have led some companies to rethink their business plans and sparked concerns about the risk of a slowdown.

Canada spokeswoman Jennifer Wright says the salaried employee reductions in Canada have mostly been accomplished already through voluntary incentivized packages. Originally reported by The Detroit News, the report comes nine weeks after GM chose to halt production at five North American plants and began negotiations with the United Automobile Workers union. It also said it eliminated 1,500 contract jobs.

That leaves the remainder of the 8,000 planned job cuts to be accomplished with the involuntary layoffs.

And, as an added insult to the sacked employees, GM wants to complete as numerous layoffs as possible before it reports its earnings Wednesday, sources briefed on the matter revealed.

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