High cost, low awareness tied to rise in breast cancer cases?

High cost, low awareness tied to rise in breast cancer cases?

High cost, low awareness tied to rise in breast cancer cases?

So, this World Cancer Day, The Better India chose to take an extra step and spread awareness about cancer, its symptoms, and how it can be overcome. Leukemia tops the list of cancer types affecting children most.

The 26-year-old Ennis woman, who was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer in 2017, has been working with the HSE to advocate for the HPV vaccine.

On personal level, with little effort, these relatively simple risk reduction strategies can help one to virtually eliminate cancer risk, and radically improve chances of recovering from cancer if one has it.

Member States should also continue to implement policies that prioritize cancer prevention across sectors.

The three also appealed to government to conduct a stock taking exercise in terms of where Malta now stands in the implementation of the National Cancer Plan 2017 - 2021, while communicating with all stakeholders. Although cancer in children is rare, it is an important cause of death.

He said Croatia followed world trends in cancer treatment when it comes to new medication and that a year ago saw a significant rise in the procurement of diagnostic equipment. The three most common cancers among men in Malaysia were colorectal (16.4 per cent), lung (15.8 per cent) and nasopharynx (8.1 per cent); whilst the three most common cancers among women were breast (32.1 per cent), colorectal (10.7 per cent) and cervix (7.7 per cent).

The Vice President said, there is an urgent need to establish cancer units for early detection, diagnosis, treatment in rural areas at an affordable price.

But many experts aren't convinced the move to notify will translate into earlier cancer detection and fewer deaths. The high cancer death rate in China can be contributed by factors such as weak awareness of cancer prevention and screening and limited diagnostic tools. As they say, despite its potential for major harm, cancer is not deadly if detected at an early stage.

Consultant Pediatric Surgeon Dr Abid Qazi said that creating awareness among common people was necessary so that they can contact doctors if they feel a change in their bodies. Dense tissue can make it harder to spot tumours on a mammogram and, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, women with dense tissue also appear more likely to develop the disease. As early as 2015 the Regional Committee adopted a resolution on the way forward for cancer prevention and control, emphasizing the need to strengthen national programmes. Bangladesh Oral Cancer Society President Professor Dr Matiur Rahman Molla presided over the event and urged the media to raise awareness among the public about oral cancer and its causes. By doing so, we can prevent and control cancer with lower costs.

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