Huawei announces $3,425 foldable display Mate X smartphone

Huawei announces $3,425 foldable display Mate X smartphone

Huawei announces $3,425 foldable display Mate X smartphone

Owners of the S10 will also be treated to an embedded fingerprint scanner under the display and a technology which allows the other phones and accessories to wireless charge when placed against this new Samsung flagship.

The Mate X is also looking to future-proof itself, with built-in 5G connectivity, a dual-sim card setup and capacity for Huawei's Nano memory cards. It's calling it the 'World's Fastest Foldable 5G Phone'.

Richard Yu, the chief executive of Huawei's consumer business, said the Mate X represented "a voyage into the uncharted".

Check our video out down below. Its display measures 6.6-inches when the device is folded and it expands into a tablet-like 8-inch form factor when opened.

It's worth noting that the Mate X's black "bezels" around the screen seems thinner than those of its rivals.

The Mate X is powered by Kirin 980 application processor, 8GB RAM, 512 GB storage and also includes the world's first 7nm 5G multi-mode modem, the Balong 5000 for great performance.

It would be good to see LG pushing back to the sharp end of the smartphone market, as it's a company with some genuine innovation and technological prowess inside - and the more players competing for consumer dollars will just lead to better phones. The US has told European countries that it may find it hard to work with anyone who uses Huawei products in their networks after raising security concerns about the company.

BOE Technology Group and LG Display are some of the other flexible OLED panel makers for smartphones, but their yield rates are said to be far from satisfactory. There was no white-gloves tenderness about his use of the device: he unfolded and folded the Mate X quickly and naturally, and I got no sense of any fragility about the slate.

The hinge itself - dubbed, the Falcon Wing design - took three years to flawless and contains more than 100 components, so it's certainly one helluva complicated fold.

Brian Shen didn't reveal anything about potential specs of OPPO's foldable phone. There's a smaller 6.3-inch screen on the back (which is the same screen) and when unfolded it's just 5.5mm thick, when folded its 11mm thick.

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