Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds 'truce' strained over gin ad

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds 'truce' strained over gin ad

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds 'truce' strained over gin ad

Just like the cake from Valve's Portal 2 video game, it would appear that Hugh Jackman's truce with Ryan Reynolds to cease heckling one another is public is also a lie. Unfortunately, only one actor ended up sticking to their word. Jackman explains that the two have declared "a truce" over their recent spats on social media and, as a show of good faith, decided to make commercials for Aviation Gin (owned by Reynolds) and Laughing Man Coffee (owned by Jackman).

"Logan" star Hugh Jackman failed miserably at attempting to squash his faux beef with snarky "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds' in a hilarious video posted Wednesday. "Let's roll it", adds Reynolds, 42. In a new video where they agreed to bury the hatchet, Reynolds looked like he would come out the bigger man ... that is until Jackman got the last laugh. Reynolds then rolls his ad, which consists of very cinematic shots, showcasing the process that goes into making the coffee, with some voiceover providing nothing but nice things to say. "It cost a million dollars", he whispers, after the showing has finished.

"And Hugh could be behind such a Hugh-oic company? The loving and caring man who created Laughing Man. Make every cup count". My friend, Hugh Jackman. The gin ad turns out to be Jackman sitting on a couch and saying. well, you'll just have to watch it yourself.

'Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f**king a**hole, ' the actor said directly to the camera.

After a few hilariously awkward moments, he continues, "The gin's pretty great, though. I'll have to try it some day".

Most recently in December, Jackman, with the help of pal Jake Gyllenhaal pranked Reynolds by inviting him to an ugly Christmas sweater party that, well, wasn't really an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Jackman then opens the bottle and lays it on its side on the table, letting the gin flow out of the bottle onto the table.

Ryan is floored as Hugh admitted he didn't think the truce was real, and as his frenemy walked off he added: 'Say hi to Blake for me...and the kids!'

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