Hugh Jackman Slams Ryan Reynolds After Ryan Takes Their Truce Very Seriously

We sort of want this ‘feud’ to keep going

We sort of want this ‘feud’ to keep going

Official truce! I'm going to make the most unbelievable ad for Aviation Gin. The commercial ended. The whole advertisement was quite complimentary to Hugh - and apparently, the older actor was shocked. Reynolds is then eager to see Jackman's add, but the Logan star is hesitant to show the Deadpool actor what he's cooked up. "My friend, Hugh Jackman".

Nothing compares to the viciousness of the fake feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel, but Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman do their best to score second place with a faux rivalry.

But the bad blood boiled again in a new commercial they collaborated on for their respective brands: Aviation American Gin for Reynolds, 42, and Laughing Man Coffee Company for Jackman, 50. "'Cause Laughing Man beans are born with a special power". He tried to stall, claiming his piece was "almost finished" and still needed some "colour correcting", but Reynolds was adamant and called for the clip to roll.

"Hugh could be behind such a hugh-oric company?" "I'm not quite ready to show mine yet", Jackman told Reynolds and he replied, "Let's just roll it". Ryan bragged that the video cost $1 million to make.

The scene cuts to Jackman dressed in a suit, sitting in a leather chair with a bottle of Aviation Gin on the table. Although Reynolds also appears in the footage, it is pretty clear that The Greatest Showman star is the one who has decided it is more fun to continue the comic feud.

"Wow, man that's really professional", a stunned Jackman replied. Be sure to check out the full video from Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel below.

In stark contrast to Reynolds' emotional opus, the video opens to the Sydney native sitting in a posh living room, where he says straight to camera: "Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f--ing a-hole".

The Aussie star then tips the bottle of gin over, letting it spill out onto the table, never tasting a drop and clearly not putting almost as much effort into this whole thing as his Canadian counterpart did.

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