Hulu teams with world record Instagram egg on a mental health ad

Hulu teams with world record Instagram egg on a mental health ad

Hulu teams with world record Instagram egg on a mental health ad

The egg uploaded a fifth photo to Instagram on February 1, which showed multiple cracks across its surface - as well as what appear to be photoshopped football laces.

The egg, which has gathered more than 52 million likes on Instagram since January 4, was initially posted in an attempt to garner more hearts than Kylie Jenner's first baby photo, which has 18 million likes. The egg has since garnered more than 50 million likes, surpassing then reigning champion Kylie Jenner's almost 19 million.

The "Egg Gang" partnered up with Hulu and delivered an important message about mental health on social media. The trio, who live in London, spoke to media as the egg featured in a commercial that aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Visit the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) for any mental health support and / or resources. Meanwhile, when this egg broke Kylie's record, the Hollywood starlet's admirer and singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh took amusing revenge by cracking an egg into pieces. Hulu didn't disclose additional information on the World Record Egg deal, however, it could increase publicity for the Insta-famous egg and the streaming service. Not just that, in the video, one can hear the Egg saying, "Recently I've started to crack".

It's followed by the words "If you're struggling, talk to someone".

Speaking to CNET after breaking the record, the anonymous user behind the egg account called the yolk-filled shell "Eugene" and said that it was "appreciative of the incredible support".

As for the egg's mega-popularity, Godfrey told the Times that the egg's success has been a fluke.

The egg creators, however, say that mental health is just the first cause the egg will stand up for.

"We felt that the time was right to come out", Khan-Whelan said.

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