‘I know what I’m doing:’ Sen. Feinstein debates children over climate change

‘I know what I’m doing:’ Sen. Feinstein debates children over climate change

‘I know what I’m doing:’ Sen. Feinstein debates children over climate change

And earlier this month, Speaker Pelosi referred to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's and Ed Markey's ambitious climate legislation as "the green dream, or whatever they call it".

On Friday morning in her office in San Francisco, Senator Dianne Feinstein met with a group of child activists from the Sunrise Movement, an organization of young people dedicated to legislative climate action. "You come in here and you say, 'It has to be my way or the highway.' I don't respond to that".

"Well, you didn't vote for me", Feinstein says.

As the kids continue to push back at her, urging her to vote "yes" on the Green New Deal even if it is unlikely to pass, Feinstein becomes visibly frustrated and starts to talk over the group. I was elected by nearly a million vote plurality.

The reaction online to the video was split, with those on the political left - many of whom attacked the Covington Catholic kids for smiling at a Native American - declaring that Feinstein was being rude to the children who were being disruptive in her office. Cordoba added. "We don't have 30 years". So, I think one day you should run for Senate. I know what I'm doing, ' Feinstein replied.

"Well the reason why I can't is because there's no way to pay for it", Feinstein responded.

During the meeting, Feinstein expressed skepticism about the Green New Deal, a landmark resolution that aims to dramatically cut global carbon emissions and human-caused greenhouse gasses. "I know what I'm doing", Feinstein said. After the teen said she was 16 and couldn't yet vote, Feinstein deadpanned, "Well, you didn't vote for me".

"We are trying to ask you to vote on the Green New Deal", said one boy.

"OK, I'll tell you what", Feinstein replied. One of the Sunrise adults chimes in, "We're asking you to be fearless and do this for us and your grandchildren.Any plan that doesn't take bold, transformative action is not going to be what we need".

"Until then, we're in charge - and you're just shouting from the cheap seats", Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

In a statement Friday evening, the senator said: "I want the children to know they were heard loud and clear ..."

"I hear what you're saying, but we're the people who voted for you", said a teenage girl. "I always welcome the opportunity to hear from Californians who feel passionately about this issue and it remains a top priority of mine". At the end, she offers one of the students an internship.

She explained that the Green New Deal legislation that was rolled out in the House didn't have a chance of passing in the Republican-controlled Senate and told the group her bill was more moderate in hopes of attracting some support from conservatives. The plan is aimed at ensuring economic and environmental "justice" while creating unprecedented levels of prosperity for all.

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