Iran unveils long-range cruise missile on revolution anniversary



The surface-to-surface missile, named Hoveizeh, is from the Soumar family of cruise missiles, which Iran added to its arsenal in 2015, Hatami said.

"Iran continues to undertake efforts to increase the range and precision of its missiles, together with increasing the number of tests and operational launches", the statement said.

The new "Hoveyzeh" cruise missile can reportedly travel up to 1,200 kilometres.

Iran's defense minister says that the new missile hit its target.

"It shows that nothing can challenge the determination and will of the Iranian people in the defense field, and as Leader of Islamic Revolution said, "any threat will receive a decisive and corresponding response".

In January, it tried to launch a satellite into space which it said failed.

Iran reined in most of its nuclear programme under a landmark 2015 deal with major powers but has kept up development of its ballistic missile technology. The launch followed a USA warning to Iran against undertaking three planned rocket launches that Washington said would violate a United Nations Security Council resolution.

Although Tehran insists its missiles are defensive and meant to serve as deterrence against its enemies, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States accuse the Islamic Republic of behaving aggressively.

Continuing Iranian missile tests have also alarmed the European Union - not to mention countries in the Middle East - and Monday's statement called on Tehran to stop such activities.

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration pulled out of the accord in May and reimposed sanctions against Iran, citing the missile program among its reasons. Iran maintains that the resolution is "non-binding".

The EU has issued a strong warning to Iran over the progression of ballistic missile testing and its behaviour in the wider region. Tehran claims their missiles comply with a United Nations order because they can not carry nuclear warheads and have limited range.EU sanctions Iranian intelligence: The EU has accused Iran of involvement in attempts to assassinate Iranian dissidents in France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

On the same day, the EU Council announced that it has sanctioned two individuals and one entity in relation to Iran's "hostile activities" in several European countries.

France said last month it was ready to impose further sanctions on Iran if no progress was made in talks about the missiles.

"If the Europeans and others want to pursue the missile disarmament of the Islamic Republic of Iran based on a conspiracy, we will have no option but to resort to a strategic leap", Salami told Press TV.

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