Lakers pump brakes on more Anthony Davis offers

Anthony Davis

EditorialsWhat Anthony Davis truly wants a trade to the Lakers

Not surprisingly, the Boston Celtics are pushing the Pels to wait until the summer for a Davis swap.

The Los Angeles Lakers have made their intentions for New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis clear and are waiting to hear back, per varied reports Tuesday afternoon.

Everyone else is talking about Anthony Davis potentially being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, so LeBron James might as well get in on the action.

The Lakers made an offer for Davis, who included the team as one of four with whom he'd be willing to sign a long-term deal.

Davis, a 25-year-old forward who helped the United States capture 2012 London Olympic gold is the most prized player up for grabs as Thursday's National Basketball Association trade deadline approaches.

The list was leaked - imagine that - on Monday and includes the Lakers; the Knicks, who have no assets left to trade for him; the Bucks, who have expiring contracts and picks several years in the future (which makes it difficult) and the Clippers, who lose their pick to Boston if they make the playoffs.

The Pelicans - whose requests evolved over recent days - were seeking six to eight draft picks in the Davis deal knowing that that many first- and second-round picks were more than the Lakers would offer, the Times source said. There are now a "handful" of teams that Davis is willing to sign long-term with, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, but the Celtics are not one of them. The Lakers are reportedly offering three of their best young prospects, three veterans and two first-round picks for the big man.

But per Wojnarowski, the Lakers need to "overcome significant support within the Pelicans organization to let Thursday's trade deadline expire" with Davis still on the roster. Because of that, it's hard to predict whether or not the Clippers will submit an offer for Davis.

The Celtics have been enamored with Davis for years, and Danny Ainge has the necessary pieces to put together an enticing trade package for the Pelicans.

The decision became public roughly 48 hours from Thursday's trade deadline, when Davis is hopeful to get moved by.

The Pelicans declined that offer, as they were looking for even more in a deal.

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