Mobile, Sprint Merger Looks To Hold Prices For Customers

T-Mobile said it will not increase rates for three years if its merger with Sprint is approved

T-Mobile said it will not increase rates for three years if its merger with Sprint is approved

"T-Mobile is competing hard and winning customers - and we continue to deliver results beyond expectations". CEO John Legere said in the company's earnings announcement. Analysts had been hoping for T-Mobile to shoot a little higher: the consensus estimate for 2019 was for 3.65 million net new postpaid additions.

Excluding changes in the tax code, T-Mobile says its profits for both the quarter and the year were actually up 21 and 22 percent respectively.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere accepts the award for CEO of the Year at the 2018 GeekWire Awards.

With little news to share on the earnings front, the prospects for T-Mobile's merger with Sprint was the predominant focal point during the call. Monroe County has already contacted T-Mobile to offer our unique workforce development programming, like LadderzUp and Recruiting on the Road, to help link our residents to the company's new jobs here. He says that these critics erroneously cling to the assumption that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger will cause consumers to pay more for wireless service and/or get fewer features with their plans. He noted the merger has been approved by 15 of the required 19 state public utilities commissions and added that he and Sprint Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure look forward to speaking with lawmakers before a joint hearing on Capitol Hill next week. For Sprint and T-Mobile to merge into "New T-Mobile", a lot of hearts need to be won over. "We're entering the final stages of our regulatory review process and it's an important time to document the commitment we've made from day one". Today, the unconventional executive told the FCC in a letter (via TmoNews) that prices will not go up if T-Mobile and Sprint get the thumbs up to combine.

"To remove any remaining doubt or concerns about New T-Mobile's prices while we are combining our networks over the next three years, T-Mobile today is submitting to the Commission a commitment that I stand behind - a commitment that New T-Mobile will make available the same or better rate plans for our services as those offered today by T-Mobile or Sprint", Legere said.

In its more detailed proposal, T-Mobile (tmus) said it might raise prices under some circumstances it termed "not within the control" of the merged company.

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