MWC 2019: Huawei wants us to stop worrying about Chinese spies

Oppo invite MWC

Oppo invite MWC

Huawei has an outsized presence at MWC Barcelona, a four-day industry showcase of mobile devices and innovations that opened February 25 and is expected to draw 100,000 visitors.

Guo's comments come as the U.S. government tries to lobby its allies to reconsider allowing Huawei equipment into their next-generation 5G networks.

China's Huawei welcomed comments from President Donald Trump about the future of United States mobile communications on Sunday and asserted its position as a world-leading smartphone producer as Washington and Beijing seek a trade war ceasefire.

U.S. officials suspect that Beijing could use the Shenzhen-based Huawei's products to spy on Western governments, and the company's presence in the United States has already been severely restricted.

Speaking ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade event which begins in Barcelona on Monday, Huawei Chairman Guo Ping said Trump's recent assertion that the USA needs to get ahead in mobile communications through competition rather than seeking to block technology was "clear and correct".

The PureView was one of five phones unveiled by the company ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona.

Huawei has consistently rejected the USA allegations and Guo repeated that position.

Washington considers the matter urgent as countries around the world prepare to roll out fifth-generation or 5G networks that will bring near-instantaneous connectivity, vast data capacity and assist futuristic technologies such as self-driving cars.

Behind closed doors, USA officials have been suggesting that Ericsson of Sweden and Finland's Nokia should be preferred suppliers, but telecom providers like Huawei for its cheap but good quality equipment.

Trump tweeted last week that he wanted the USA to catch up in the 5G race through competition, "not by blocking out now more advanced technologies".

"We have been very successful in convincing these governments to work with us to think about these types of threats to their future infrastructure", Strayer told reporters.

"I have noticed the president's Twitter", said Guo.

"The US security accusation against our 5G has no evidence". Huawei has not and we will never plant backdoors and we will never allow anyone to do so in our equipment'.

Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm said countries face "critical decisions" as they roll out 5G networks.

He said the Mate X would be able to download a 1 gigabyte movie in three seconds. Germany officials have said there's no plan to explicitly bar any single manufacturer. While Nokia is closely watching the situation, it's for governments to decide on policy, Suri said.

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