Nintendo to Offer Smaller Switch Console — Nikkei Newspaper

Nintendo delays its very first Mario Kart game for mobile

Mario Kart mobile delayed until summer 2019

The news comes just six days after Nintendo told fans it was restarting development of Metroid Prime 4 for the Switch with a new studio because it wasn't happy with the progress made so far.

Dr. Mario World is being co-developed by Line, a Japanese mobile developer mainly known for the messaging app of the same name. "Mamma Mia!" after learning the latest title won't be released on time. Super Mario Run was a little rocky due to its price to play to full game while Nintendos other two RPG titles might be too complicated for a casual player.

A broad user base makes Line well placed to encourage uptake of the new puzzle game among casual users, Nintendo Chief Executive Shuntaro Furukawa said at a briefing on Friday. Nintendo also owns a five percent share of mobile developer Cygames, which released action-RPG Dragalia Lost with Nintendo a year ago.

Nintendo set another record for Switch sales in the Holiday quarter but stayed behind the initial goal to sell 20 million Switch consoles in its fiscal year.

Nintendo has been diversifying its business.

With Mario Kart Tour delayed, Nintendo has announced its next smartphone app and it's a revamp of the old NES and Game Boy puzzler.

Furukawa on Friday repeated that Nintendo is now focused on building up Switch sales and that the 3DS retains a role as an affordable entry device for younger players. That in itself brings problems, as you'd lose compatibility with games that require single Joy-con controls, like Super Mario Party.

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