Russian Federation planning to disconnect from global network with separate internet system

Red Square- Moscow Russia Russia planning to disconnect from the world wide web

Red Square- Moscow Russia

The aim of the legislation to control internet traffic is to create "defence mechanisms to ensure the long-term stable function of internet networks in Russia".

The planned unplugging is part of a cyber war-gaming exercise to make sure Russian Federation can still operate even if it is disconnected from outside its borders.

The Russian intranet would see internet data accessed by citizens remaining inside the nation rather than internationally as Vladimir Putin's country disconnects from the global web.

However, some observers told the British publication that they believe the move is another step toward duplicating China's Great Firewall - which restricts access of that country's internet users to content approved by the communist government - in Russian Federation.

Named the Digital Economy National Programme (DENP), measures include the creation of Russia's own internet address system so that its online access could continue if connections to global servers were severed.

On February 12, 2019, the State Duma has passed the first reading of legislation that will allow the federal authorities to take control over the connection points linking Russian Federation to the global Internet.

Citing Russian media, ZDNet explains that the government set this cyberdefense plan in motion years ago, by building a local backup of the Domain Name System (DNS).

The test disconnect experiment has been agreed on in a session of the Information Security Working Group at the end of January.

Some critics have expressed doubt whether it's even technically possible to sustain Russian Federation unplugging from the Internet.

"This is very serious", the news agency AFP quoted Russian security analyst Andrei Soldatov, the co-author of a book on the history of Internet surveillance in Russia, as saying of the bill.

Without announcing it to the world, Russian authorities had already built up their indigenous DNS which they are said to have tested in 2014 and 2018.

RosBiznesKonsalting reported that a Kremlin source told the Russian news outlet that President Vladimir Putin supports the proposed law.

The law has drawn comparisons to the Great Firewall internet restrictions in China, which blocks certain keywords and blacklists sites such as Facebook. The country has its own search engines, indigenous messaging apps and own social networks.

Russian Federation is preparing itself to be disconnected from the World Wide Web.

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