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First lady Melania Trump arrives for President Donald Trump's State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday Feb. 5 2019

Twitter Accuses"Gloveless Melania Trump of Stealing Star Wars Look at SOTU

Trump will not only be reaching out to the Bible Belt during his State of the Union address-he will also be trying to convince Rust Belt voters in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and OH that they need to support him again in 2020.

He didn't rule out the possibility of a new shutdown or the declaration of a national emergency on February 15, 2019.

Only 39 percent supported a shutdown for the wall, while 57 percent opposed it. Teasing a dramatic announcement is the only thing that might get large numbers of people to tune in to a speech they know will be poorly written, racist and full of lies.

She has shown no sign of budging from her opposition to Mr Trump's wall-funding demand.

A source close to Mr Trump said the president is not expected to take that step, which likely would draw a swift court challenge from Democrats.

Trump's tax reform is credited with boosting economic spending.

"She's costing the country hundreds of billions of dollars because what's happening is when you have a porous border and when you have drugs pouring in and when you have people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi, who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons", Trump said.

Will the border wall dispute lead to another shutdown-or a national emergency?
But given that it's an issue where Trump now holds a comparatively weak hand, he'll be best served by getting through it quickly and focusing on his administration's greatest concrete success: the strong US economy.

President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday morning and slammed Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Markets have climbed, businesses have created new jobs, the economy has grown at a blistering pace, and median household income has risen. But don't expect that to stop him from doing it anyway.

"One thing you will see is that the chamber is full and the president is surrounded by women, by people of colour, by individuals who have really been hurt by this president and numerous actions that he has taken", Jayapal said.

Congressional Democrats, for their part, say the state of our union now provides a flawless opportunity for some live-trolling of the president via special invited guests. "Because we have a much better issue", he said.

President Donald Trump has invited Tom Wibberley - the father of a Maryland man killed in the 2000 terrorist attack on the USS Cole in Yemen - to attend the State of the Union speech Tuesday night as his guest, the White House said.

Johnson's case spotlights legislation Trump signed into law past year to address concerns about the criminal justice system, including giving judges more discretion in sentencing some drug offenders.

"While in prison, Matthew found God, completed more than 30 bible studies, became a law clerk, taught GED classes, and mentored fellow inmates", the White House said in a press release.

Alice Marie Johnson, 63, served more than two decades of a life sentence without parole before Mr Trump commuted her sentence previous year. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy it while it lasts.

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