Tesla’s New "Dog Mode" Reassures Passersby That Your Dog Is Okay

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Tesla’s New "Dog Mode" Reassures Passersby That Your Dog Is Okay

The Twitter post above includes a video demonstration of how Dog Mode works, showing how owners can set the air-conditioning temperature and keep it running after leaving the vehicle.

In 2016, Tesla updated its software to include Cabin Overheat Protection, which keeps the vehicle at a "safe temperature" for hours, even when the motor is turned off. Tesla is introducing a new security tool called "sentry mode." .

To enable Dog Mode, simply tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when the vehicle is parked.

Seeing dogs left in cars, especially on hot summer days, is upsetting. Dog Mode will stay on after you leave your vehicle. Once activated, the acceptable temperature limits are set and the work is done.

'They could become a target for opportunist thieves and there are dangers in warmer weather, as dogs can die in minutes if left in a hot vehicle.

One of the cooler things about Dog Mode is that it was initially an idea conjured up by a Tesla owner and relayed to Elon Musk via Twitter last October.

He said: 'Can you put a dog mode on the Tesla Model 3.

"My owner will be back soon".

Musk simply responded "Yes", before announcing the feature's introduction earlier this week.

"Dog Mode" allows drivers to set a cabin temperature to keep canines comfortable-and, importantly, let passersby know the animals are OK. The new feature will presumably deter would-be criminals from trying to steal or break into Tesla vehicles. So Tesla has come up with a way to protect all good doggos.

Your pets are now safer than ever inside your Tesla.

Considering Sentry Mode's functions, HAL 9000's red "eye" is an accurate representation of the security feature.

As Tesla describes it, Sentry Mode remains in a "standby" state until a camera or sensor detects a potential threat.

Tesla has launched its new Sentry Mode feature, which uses the vehicle's external cameras to monitor its surroundings.

If you're anxious about how the vehicle battery might impact on Dog Mode, you'll receive a notification in the Tesla Mobile app if it drops below 20% charge.

The five-seat sedan will travel 215 miles (133 kilometres) on a single charge.

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