What you need to know about measles

Mom looks for early vaccination

Jennifer Menzies wants to have her daughter Charlotte vaccinated early

"I've heard of people throughout Canada and even doctors around the world saying that millennials are using these outbreaks as an opportunity to revisit the decision that their parents had made for them", he said. Measles infection can have serious complications such as pneumonia, seizures and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

According to Dr. Alan Melnick, director of public health for Clark County, Wash., an unvaccinated person can be in the room two hours after someone with measles has left, and still contract the disease.

Measles is highly contagious and spreads through breathing, coughing and sneezing. "Based on my observations, most families who are not up to date with their children's vaccines are delayed because of challenges in finding the time to vaccinate, and making it a priority in an otherwise busy family life".

"So that may draw immunization rates down", said Mema.

The Iowa state Senate Tuesday rejected a bill Tuesday that would have prohibited health insurance providers and insurance companies from discriminating against people who refuse to get vaccinated.

In less than two months, more than 11,000 people have contracted measles while 189 have died because of the disease, the Department of Health (DOH) said on Thursday.

Unvaccinated children aged 5 and below are at highest risk of the disease, Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo earlier said.

School officials on Vancouver Island and Island Health are reminding parents and students to check their vaccination records following the measles outbreak in the Vancouver area.

It's suggested that infants receive their first MMR vaccine about their first birthday, with a booster shot in kindergarten.

Cohn: There was a paper published in 1998 claiming a link between autism and the MMR [measles, mumps and rubella] vaccine. "And that I think is another reason why it can spread before you know it". A single dose of the vaccine given at 12 to 15 months of age is estimated to be between 85 to 95 per cent effective against the disease while a second dose, delivered between the ages of four and six is nearly 100 per cent effective. There is a number of individuals who are not open to the messages that we have to say because they're very set in their ways.

No cases of measles have yet been confirmed in the Interior Health region. "With this illness, as soon as you get fewer people vaccinated, it finds these people and it takes off".

The U.S.is also experiencing travel-related outbreaks, with 127 cases of measles confirmed in 10 states between January 1 and February 14, with Washington and NY states particularly hard hit by the disease, says a report by the Centers for Disease Control.

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages vaccination before traveling internationally", said Dr.

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