Apple May Be Playing with Samsung Displays for Its Foldable Phone

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Why Apple Isn't Joining Foldable Display Smartphone Trend This 2019

All Galaxy S10 devices run on Android 9.0 Pie with Samsung's One UI.

It's been barely a fortnight since the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Unsurprisingly, there has also been a report that Samsung is pitching its foldable tech to other manufacturers including Apple and Google, in hopes that they'll pay up to use it in devices as well. The newly announced Galaxy Fold does fold inward like a clamshell as well but it does so horizontally like a laptop. In comparison, the Galaxy Fold costs almost $2,000.

Overnight, everybody started Googling "foldable phones" because some of us were confused whether these companies just brought back the good old flip phone and chose to call it something else.

The more intriguing note is another unsourced statement that Samsung is considering offering free screen replacements to account for a visible crease that appears on the Fold after it has been adjusted more than 10,000 times. Samsung Display is already a provider of OLED screens for the iPhone, and the company's flexible OLED technology is probably the most advanced on the planet.

And while having Jony Ive and his design minions playing with Samsung's foldable screens is not a confirmation that Apple will release a foldable phone, it certainly could be one of the steps to make it a reality. The company also envisions smartphones with rollable and stretchable displays in the future, Samsung Executive Vice President Chung Eui-suk said on the corporate website last month.

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