Captain Marvel: 20 Easter Eggs And References Explained

Captain Marvel: 20 Easter Eggs And References Explained

Captain Marvel: 20 Easter Eggs And References Explained

Brie Larson gave fans catching a screening of "Captain Marvel" a thrill by serving them snacks, taking selfies and thanking them for seeing her new flick.

Internationally, Captain Marvel has grossed an estimated $302 million - meaning it could rake in an estimated total of $455m globally. The film has opened in most countries except Japan.

The movie is projected to earn between $156 million to $160 million during its debut weekend at the theatres - expecting this movie to be the biggest blockbuster so far in 2019. However, the film's take is now estimated to be between $153 million and $157 million.

But "Captain Marvel" continues a streak of box-office juggernauts about women and people of color. And the amount sees Captain Marvel secure its spot as the seventh biggest Marvel debut of all time.

With everything working against "Captain Marvel" before its debut and critics calling it racist, political and a 'white savior' movie, no one was quite sure whether the opening was ever going to be as strong as this.

"Captain Marvel" was also the box office queen in North America, taking in a spectacular 153 million US dollars in its debut weekend. It also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn with Annette Benin and Jude Law.

How much did Captain Marvel make at the Box Office? Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have directed the feature. It now ranks as the second-biggest launch for a superhero movie worldwide, behind 'Avengers: Infinity War'.

Meanwhile, Brie previously revealed she hopes "Captain Marvel" will spark a global conversation about diversity.

"I just heard I was on the cups and popcorn, so I had to see for myself", Larson told fans. However, not only in this country, Captain Marvel is at a record rate. The film has been receiving rave reviews from audiences all over the globe and also has a connection with Avengers 4 Endgame which is slated to release on April 26.

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