David Beckham pranked by James Corden with fake LA Galaxy statue

David Beckham at la galaxy ceremony

David Beckham pranked by James Corden with fake LA Galaxy statue

On Monday night's "Late Late Show", Corden revealed that he thought it would be a amusing idea to swap out L.A. Galaxy's real statue of the soccer superstar for an extremely unflattering fake.

When the curtain came down and Beckham saw what he thought was the finished statue for the first time, his face was a picture of polite disbelief, not sure how to react to the monstrosity. "I honestly look like Stretch Armstrong".

The former England captain was tricked by Corden's Late Late Show into believing a deliberately poor quality statue, including an elongated chin and oversized bottom, was the one that would stand outside Los Angeles Galaxy's stadium.

Late Late Show host James Corden pulled off the prank involving actors and a fake statue with a camera crew to document it all.

The real statue is a classy tribute Beckham in an unmistakable pose, as if about to strike a trademark free-kick, commemorating his achievements as a two-time MLS Cup victor and his history-defining presence in Major League Soccer. It doesn't look anything like me though, look at my eyes!

"The only thing that's good is the hair", he added. There is no way that can go in front of the stadium. I really don't see how this can go out.

By the end, a forklift accidentally knocked the fake statue over, breaking it and having Beckham tell the driver he did him a favor.

In an extremely intricate plan to fool Beckham, LA Galaxy president Chris Klein played along with the joke and comedian Maz Jobrani imitated real sculptor Omri Amrany. At this point, Corden came bounding out from his perch in hysterics, and the two embraced into a good-natured hug.

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