Every Disney movie will be included on Disney Plus streaming service

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Every Disney movie will be included on Disney Plus streaming service

At an investor meeting today, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced that the entire Disney catalog, or "Disney Vault" will be available on the company's upcoming streaming service, Disney+, when it launches later this year. We're thinking about all the wonderful television shows Disney has produced over the years. He also said that his team had been working on integrating the two companies so that, when the deal is done, the new Disney can "hit the ground running".

The “vault”, which Iger is referring to, has been used to limit availability of classic movies. But with the streaming and on-demand markets bringing movies to anybody whenever they want it, the idea of holding something back just to release it again seemed somewhat archaic. For example, Song Of The South, a film that has been regarded as racist since its release in 1946, has a few critics speaking out against Disney's "entire Vault" idea.

Iger said the vault would disappear when the streaming service was released later this year (though there is still no set date). All of these movies will be available to Disney+ customers, which is going to make them almost as influential as Netflix, except overnight. This is in stark contrast to Netflix who debuts its own movies globally on day one or in a few cases nearly immediately after theatrical release.

The list includes the Marvel franchise and Disney Pixar. The company has confirmed that it is developing TV series based on Star Wars, Monsters Inc., High School Musical, and Marvel characters.

Disneys streaming service will compete with the likes of Netflix and will launch later this year in the United States and possibly other regions.

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