Gaza Border Protests Called Off After Flare-up

Israeli air strikes hit Gaza after rocket fire three killed

Israel Strikes Gaza Terror Sites after Rockets Fired at Tel Aviv 14 Mar 2019

"I regret the folks in the Gaza Strip, probably Hamas, but I suspect we shouldn't speculate, fired the rockets and put Israelis at risk", Pompeo told Fox News' "Fox and Friends" co-anchor Brian Kilmeade.

In addition, an underground compound to produce rockets was destroyed, several military compounds were attacked as well as a Hamas naval post which is also used to manufacture weapons, the IDF spokesperson reported.

In Gaza, both rulers Hamas and Islamic Jihad, an allied group, issued statements denying any responsibility for the attack, which came just over three weeks ahead of Israel's April 9 election.

More than 40 locations were targeted with about 100 strikes, the source said.

According to the Israeli army, two rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory.

Hamas insisted on Twitter that its armed wing was "not responsible", while the Hamas-run interior ministry in Gaza said the rocket fire went "against the national consensus" and vowed to take measures against the perpetrators.

Israeli media received information from defense officials saying a preliminary investigation determined that the Hamas rockets were misfires.

No damage or injuries were immediately reported following the Hamas rockets, but several Israelis were treated for shock.

In October 2018, a rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza fell into the sea off Tel Aviv and another hit the southern city of Beersheba.

Cabinet Minister Naftali Bennett, a hard-line rival of Netanyahu's, called on the prime minister to convene a gathering of his Security Cabinet and demand the army "present a plan to defeat Hamas".

The officials were quoted Friday in Israeli media.

Israeli analysts speculated that Palestinian terrorists opposed to any deal between Hamas and Israel were behind the rocket attacks. No Israelis were injured in the attacks. "Israel holds Hamas responsible, hence the response".

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity Friday because the Islamic militant group is yet to announce, said Egypt led meditation efforts "that have apparently paid off".

The fighting came as Egyptian mediators were trying to extend a ceasefire between the bitter enemies, which last fought a war in 2014.

Thursday's attack on Tel Aviv, Israel's densely populated commercial and cultural capital, marked the first time the city had been hit since the 2014 war between Israel and Gaza militants.

Israel has accused Hamas, the terror organization that rules the Strip, of orchestrating the clashes and using them as cover to breach the border fence and carry out attacks. Hamas possesses a large arsenal of rockets and missiles capable of striking deep inside Israel.

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