Iran denies it hacked Israel politicians' phones

Ehud Barak

Report Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak Second Victim of Iranian Phone Hack Jim Hollander- Pool GettyDEBORAH DANAN18 Mar 2019

"We are in the territory of our homeland", the prime minister asserted.

Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz responded Tuesday to the leaking of a recording in which he told close confidants that he would not rule out a unity government with Benjamin Netanyahu, saying in a statement that the situation has changed and that he will not be willing to form a coalition with the prime minister. However, Netanyahu's office said that it was a "fruitless and desperate to resuscitate an affair that has died".

Israel's Channel 12 television reported last week that Benny Gantz's telephone had been hacked by Iranian intelligence.

There are also rumors that the phone contained "embarrassing information", leading Israeli media to speculate as to what it might be, with reports suggesting it is of an "intimate" nature.

Asked if there was anything on the phone that could be used for blackmail, Gantz said: "Nothing can have an influence over my performance".

Israeli officials are used to telling lies and playing blame games, Ghasemi said early Tuesday, adding, "this regime and U.S. officials are after maximizing pressure on Iran just due to their hostility, malice and aim to promote Iranophobia".

Russian Federation recently gave Iran the technology to hack phones remotely without the target having to do anything to allow the breach to take place, software that Tehran allegedly used to enter the phone of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's main election rival, Benny Gantz.

Mr Gantz and his Blue and White Party say no sensitive information was on the phone and that he had long left the military if and when it was breached.

A poll encouraging to Blue and White, which had recently been dropping in the polls, was published on Thursday by the Maagar Mochot agency together with Israel Hayom and i24 news. The parliamentary ballot is scheduled for April 9.

Speaking at a press conference in Haifa, Gantz said reports that Netanyahu has earned NIS 16 million [$4.5 million] off the deal were "unimaginable and hard to comprehend".

On Friday, Ya'alon insisted that Iran was not behind the hack.

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