Kevin McCarthy Is Not Behind Trump Administration's Latest Obamacare Move

While Republicans ‘Get Their Kicks Hurting People,’ Democrats Launch New Healthcare Bill

Kevin McCarthy Is Not Behind Trump Administration's Latest Obamacare Move

While the law probably will be upheld in the end, the move sets up the possibility that hundreds of thousands of Americans could lose their health insurance - perhaps around the time of the 2020 presidential election - with the Trump administration part of the reason why.

Signaling a reversal of its earlier legal strategy, which was focused on only fighting parts of the health care statute, the Department of Justice late Monday filed a two-sentence letter in a pending federal case that now argued the entire law should be struck down.

It's been a controversial couple of days at the Department of Justice. "It leaves Republicans open to a little bit more attacks and ridicule by the Democrats that they don't have a plan".

"Washington state secured its 18th legal victory against the Trump Administration this afternoon". Enten said as his voice rose an octave.

Sources tell Fox News that Republicans are anxious they would be blamed if the law is ruled unconstitutional, a decision that would create an immediate vacuum in the American health care system and toss millions of people off health care plans because of pre-existing conditions.

A group of 17 mostly Democratic-led states including California and NY on Monday argued in court papers that the law was constitutional because the individual mandate is a "lawful choice between buying insurance or doing nothing". Most candidates have embraced some form of universal health care, and many support Sen.

"The Republicans I've talked to, they're scratching their heads", Steele noted, adding that those Republicans would prefer to avoid discussing health care because "they know their history on this subject is replete with failure".

"The Association Health Plan rule opened healthcare options for dozens of associations representing thousands of small businesses and sole proprietors and provided them with access to the same type of care options offered by other employers", the spokesman continued.

On Wednesday the president repeated his prediction that the GOP would be "the party of great health care".

That could end up as a huge gift to Democrats, who are seeking to use the healthcare issue in 2020 to unseat Donald Trump and hold on to their new majority in the House of Representatives. The following day, the president promised a better plan as he defended his decision to invalidate the law.

Some GOP political strategists are skeptical. Yet some Republican think tanks, particularly the influential Heritage Foundation, are looking to drum up interest on Capitol Hill in their ideas to overhaul the health care system.

"It is a top-of-mind issue for voters; and for Republicans, having a health care plan is very important".

"I've expressed to my team, if something does happen, we need to be ready to move immediately to protect people who have pre-existing illnesses", the Republican governor told reporters Tuesday.

Sen. John Cornyn, a member of Republican leadership, said: "We are waiting with bated breath" for the White House's proposal on a new health care plan.

"Democrats had made it clear that they wanted to make health care a major issue in the 2020 election and this decision helps them in that effort". Here we are, a decade later, they still have no plan they can submit to Americans....

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