Kim Jong-un says economic development is the most urgent task

Soldiers stand guard in front of the Unha-3 rocket at North Korea's Sohae Satellite Launch Station in 2012

Soldiers stand guard in front of the Unha-3 rocket at North Korea's Sohae Satellite Launch Station in 2012

U.S. President Donald Trump is open to a third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un but some time may have to go by before this takes place, Trump's national security adviser said on Sunday.

A South Korean Foreign Ministry official said Thursday, "There has been talk of the Kaesong Industrial Complex and the Mount Kumgang tours, and we are putting much effort into trying to create conditions in which they could be resumed".

He said Mr Trump had proposed a "big deal" in the Hanoi summit under which North Korea would completely denuclearise and also give up its chemical and biological weapons.

"You know, nothing in the proliferation game surprises me anymore", Bolton told Raddatz.

North Korea has frozen nuclear and missile testing since 2017, and Trump has pointed to this as a positive outcome from almost a year of high-level engagement with North Korea.

"Diplomacy is still very much alive", Biegun said, although he offered no specifics on when new talks might be held and did not say whether any talks had taken place since the summit, which collapsed over differences on US demands for Pyongyang's denuclearization and North Korea's demand for sanctions relief.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un casting his vote in the election for the Supreme People's Assembly.

Bolton was echoing Trump's language earlier this week, when he told reporters he would be "very disappointed" if the North was working on tests. "But I would be very, very disappointed in Chairman Kim". I don't really think it broke down. We'll take a look.

The latest United Nations resolution punishing the regime for its 2017 ballistic missile test called for the suspension of any launches using ballistic-missile technology.

JCS spokesman Kim Joon-rak spoke at a regular media briefing on Monday in response to questions about recent USA media reports that the North could have restored its Dongchang-ri missile launch site. Raddatz asked Bolton Sunday on "This Week".

The Wall Street Journal previewed the report as painting an "especially damning picture of North Korea's ability to evade worldwide sanctions".

The president's confident in his personal relationship with Kim Jong-un.

Soviet-style Communist states had a long tradition of holding general elections, he said, even if the ruling party ignored its own rules about holding regular congresses - something the North skipped for more than 30 years. "Stay away, or a different vote is counted as a betrayal", writes the North Korean refugees-organized web site "Daily NK" in South Korea.

A top U.S. envoy said Monday Washington's goal is the complete denuclearization of North Korea by the end of Donald Trump's first term, insisting it will not settle for incremental disarmament.

"It's one reason why all of the pundits and all of the experts predicting a deal in Hanoi were wrong, because the leverage is on our side right now, not on North Korea's", he said.

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