Local public school board doesn't support cell phone ban

Ontario to ban cellphones from classrooms

Local public school board doesn't support cell phone ban

According to The Canadian Press (via CBC), the provincial government is planning to announce this week its intention to ban cellphones from Ontario classrooms.

It's not clear exactly how the directive would look, but the government will leave it up to school boards in how they enforce a ban in their schools.

It states that personal electronic devices, like cellphones, should support classroom activities and that teachers would guide and monitor student access to their use.

The proposed cellphone ban in public schools was part of Premier Doug Ford's election platform.

Details of the new policy are expected in an official announcement within the next week.

Most, if not all, schools and school boards already have cellphone and technology related policies in place.

"Ontario's students need to be able to focus on their learning, and not their cell phones", she said in a written statement Tuesday, March 12. These improvements were mostly demonstrated among the students who were typically "low achieving".

The province says it will be up to individual schools and school boards.

"Beginning next school year, cellphones will no longer be allowed in the classroom unless they are required for educational purposes, health, and medical purposes, or to support special needs", says Thompson.

The Ontario provincial government conducted consultations on the cellphone ban previous year, with 97 percent of respondents favoring some sort of restriction on phones in class, according to Thompson.

The Green party questioned why a government focused on cutting red tape is introducing "a top-down regulation that complicates things for educators on the front line".

Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson has confirmed reports cellphones will be banned from classrooms as of this fall.

Ontario has made a decision to ban cellphones in classrooms, but Alberta is not ready to make that call.

Spokesman Ryan Bird said the TDSB encourages appropriate uses of technology in classrooms.

The mother, who has two children in elementary school, says that although we live in a world that relies on technology, there's a time and a place for cellphones.

About 97 per cent of respondents favoured some sort of restriction on phones in class, the sources said.

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