Ming-Chi Kuo: Samsung Galaxy S10 sales to reach 40-45 million

Samsung Galaxy S10

Ming-Chi Kuo: Samsung Galaxy S10 sales to reach 40-45 million

Despite there being lots of foldable phones on the way from various brands, Samsung and Huawei are the biggest names in foldables right now. The $1,980 Galaxy Fold that Samsung plans to release in April folds inward like a notebook. The display design would be siilar to the Mate X with inwards fold.

According to Business Insider, the new foldable phones are expected to be announced separately this year and in 2020.

Mr Sabbagh said the UAE is the best-performing market for Samsung in the region, but he expects more growth in Oman this year.

The Outfolding device was the first Samsung tested, and will be delivered after the vertically folding device.

Chung acknowledged that the Galaxy Fold doesn't close completely due to technology not allowing a screen to fold flat like paper, but he said it's better than having the screen on the outside like the Mate X, which will likely be more prone to scratches and damage. Samsung has yet to confirm the dimensions of the Galaxy Fold, but even assuming each side of the fold measures slightly less than the already-svelte Galaxy S10 (7.8mm) that's still around 15mm.

The company is aiming to thin the outward-folding device by not equipping it with a display on the outside-facing surface.

The company has been hard at work, and the successful release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 range will certainly provide substantial benefits throughout the year. "S10 brings the world's first "Infinity O" screen on AMOLED", Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Mobile Business, Samsung India, told reporters here. That's one reason why Samsung kept the phone inside a glass case at MWC in Barcelona last month, the person said. Therefore, we will increase shipment estimates of the S10 series in 2019 by 30% from 30-35mn to 40-45 units.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is working on two different variants of the foldable smartphone other than its Galaxy Fold.

The two devices might also incorporate in-display fingerprint scanners similar to those found on the Galaxy S10 lineup, though further specs remain a mystery.

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