NASA to pay people $19,000 to stay in bed for 2 months

Image used for representational purpose only

Image used for representational purpose only

"Bedrest has always been used to mimic some of the changes our bodies experience in the weightlessness of space".

The study, dubbed Agbresa, short for Artificial Gravity Bed Rest - European Space Agency, will look at the potential benefits of artificial gravity on long spaceflights to destinations such as Mars. This centrifuge is being used to recreate Earth's gravity during the first joint long-term bed rest study between ESA and U.S. space agency NASA into the potential of artificial gravity in mitigating the effects of spaceflight. They are hoping to test it out on two-thirds of the study participants each day.

"This bed rest study ... offers space researchers from all over Europe and the U.S. the opportunity to work together and jointly acquire as much scientific knowledge about human physiology as possible".

According to the New York Post, a group including NASA and other researchers is conducting the study in Germany. They'll be subjected to complete bed rest for 60 days at the German Aerospace Centre.

All activities - including eating, showering and going to the bathroom - must be done while lying down.

To replicate the effects of being in space, the participants will be made to lie with a slight incline and their feet will be elevated above their head and body.

A nutritionist will be on hand to take care of everyone's diets and make sure the participants don't gain weight and are receiving everything their body needs.

The scientists are looking for healthy women between the ages of 24 and 55 years who are non-smokers to participate in the study, according to the study's website. You can contact the German Aerospace Center here. Participants must be able to speak German.

This is no dream; NASA is offering $19,000 for people to stay in bed and sleep the day away.

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