New Zealand PM vows gun law reform after terror attacks

Jacinda Ardern has announced new gun law reform after the Chistchurch shootings

Jacinda Ardern has announced new gun law reform after the Chistchurch shootings

A Radio New Zealand report, based on police data secured through an Official Information Act request, said more than 99 percent of people who applied for a firearms licence in 2017 were successful. "That doesn'tmean there weren't possibly otherpeople in support and that continuesto form a very, very important partof our investigation".

Tarrant, a suspected white supremacist, was charged with murder on Saturday and is due back in court on April 5.

A consortium of New Zealand's major companies has pledged to pull their advertising from Facebook (fb) following the live-streaming of Friday's mosque shootings in Christchurch, the New Zealand Herald reported Monday.

New Zealand Police earlier said that the first body belonging to a victim of Friday's massacre had been released to their family.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed to reform her country's gun laws in response to the worst mass shooting in the country's modern history.

Also on Monday, a Christchurch gun shop acknowledged that they had sold the gunman four weapons and ammunition through a "police-verified online mail order process".

Ms Ardern has said authorities hoped to release all the bodies by Wednesday and police said authorities were working with pathologists and coroners to complete the task as soon as they could.

Ardern did not detail the new gun laws, but has said she supports a ban on automatic weapons following the Christchurch shootings.

"It's good for the world to see what's happened because people around the world, they thought we were terrorists because some stupid people, they said they are Muslims, they go and kill innocent people", said Abulaban, who migrated to New Zealand from Jordan 17 years ago.

Although the social network deleted the 16-minute video, it and other services such as YouTube and Twitter have struggled to keep up with the proliferation of copies being uploaded to their platforms.

Nathaniel Armstrong was the cousin of GMB presenter Alex Beresford
Ruchira Sharma 3 hours Monday March 18th 2019 GMB weatherman Alex Beresford's cousin dies in stabbing News

"It's only since he travelled overseas I think that that boy has changed completely to the boy we knew", she said.

Grief continued to wash across the nation on March 18, with New Zealanders of all stripes gathering to express revulsion over the killings- and a unified front against racial hatred. A Washington Post search of keywords related to the event, such as "New Zealand", surfaced a long list of videos, many of which were lengthy and uncensored views of the massacre.

"But ultimately it has been up to those platforms to facilitate their removal".

Trump's expression of sympathy in the wake of Christchurch has been attacked as tepid - a position exacerbated when he told reporters white nationalism was not a growing problem.

"We continue to work around the clock to remove violating content using a combination of technology and people".

"He will certainly face the justice system of New Zealand for the terror attack he has committed here", she said.

"I chose firearms for the affect it would have on social discourse, the extra media coverage they would provide and the effect it could have on the politics of United States and thereby the political situation of the world", the manifesto states, according to The Guardian.

"But I sadly have to say that the capacity to actually assist fully is very limited on the technology side". "He seemed to understand what was going on", Peters said.

"This is an issue that I will look to be discussing directly with Facebook", she added. After the country's last mass shooting in 1990, where 13 people including local police were killed in the seaside town of Aramoana, changes were made to firearm legislation including some restrictions on semiautomatic firearms and the requirement for 10-year licenses.

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