Oculus Rift S Revealed With Improved Resolution And Head Strap

Rift S gives gamers and tech enthusiasts access to the most immersive content that VR has to offer

Rift S gives gamers and tech enthusiasts access to the most immersive content that VR has to offer

The Game Developers Conference is now ongoing till March 22, and one of the announcements made during this conference is the new VR headset - Oculus Rift S. The tweet also claimed that the Oculus Rift S would "set a new standard in VR gaming". A physical controller is included (albeit a more simplistic version than the one that comes with the Rift), and the Go can also use an app and inline buttons to control its functions too.

Unlike the Oculus Quest, the Rift S will still need to be plugged into a decently-powered PC to push virtual worlds and environments to the wearer's peepers.

The Rift S will debut this spring but Facebook did not provide a specific release date today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The Rift and Rift S share the same core platform, meaning that, via software updates, Rift owners will also have access to games developed with the Rift S in mind.

Oculus are also promising improved light blocking with the Rift S, courtesy of their partnership with Lenovo, who helped design the headset for increased comfort and better weight distribution. The Oculus Rift S will come packaged with two Oculus Touch controllers and will run gamers $399, striking what the studio hopes will be a "sweet spot" of affordability for VR enthusiasts. So if you're looking to replace your old Rift or thinking about getting into VR for the first time, the Rift S should be a friendlier option.

Oculus will likewise empower cross-purchase and cross-play highlights, empowering users to redesign their equipment and still have their library available for what it's worth. Speaking of the band, it loses its flexible strap in favor of a rigid "halo" design that has the potential to be a bit more comfortable for users. To be clear, this Oculus headset requires a connected to a PC to operate.

Still keeping with the wild west theme, the new multiplayer shooter will feature competitive modes where players can fight each other in locations such as an old saloon and a train depot.

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