Pelosi Opposes ‘Divisive’ Efforts to Impeach Trump: ‘He’s Just Not Worth It’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi applauding President Trump during the State of the Union

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi applauding President Trump during the State of the Union

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claps as President Trump delivers his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill on February 5.

A spokeswoman for Vice President Pence has not responded to NPR's request for comment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that barring "overwhelming" new evidence she would not pursue impeachment against President Trump because it would be too divisive and "he's just not worth it".

"He's just not worth it".

"It makes sense. I think it's one of the few smart things Democrats have done this year", Republican strategist Brian Darling told The Epoch Times.

She rebuffed calls when she first held the speaker's gavel, in 2007, to start impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush. Impeachment isn't just divisive; it's hugely unpopular.

Yarmuth said there is "validity" to Pelosi's point, "and I respect that, and ultimately it's going to be her call".

"History has shown that when a contest is all about Trump, Trump wins", he said.
"I'm representing my district", she said Monday evening, the Washington Post reported. Well, that is a very significant qualifier. The American people must be convinced that he can not remain in office. That number is even higher among Republicans.

The rub is if the evidence is truly compelling but Republicans remain his obstinate defenders. "She has now dismissed both the left's obsession with a risky and likely doomed effort to impeach Trump, and Trump himself, driving him insane". Though an attempt at impeachment might fail to remove Trump from office, it would draw a clear line in the sand for future presidents to fear to cross.

Pelosi told The Washington Post Monday that, "I'm not for impeachment".

Former prosecutor Renato Mariotti had a similar reaction.

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) said on C-SPAN on Tuesday that he will bring an impeachment vote to the House floor soon.

"She also knows there is no chance at all that it would succeed".

Some in the party would prefer a political battle against Trump at the ballot box, rather than an impeachment effort waged in Congress. It would in fact be a gross political error.

But, you say, this means he'll "get away" with it! "He's obstructed justice at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But if they change and they see their Senate majority being in danger in 2020 if they continue to be lemmings who follow him toward the cliff - and they see that - then it might be a different situation".

She's dealt with the topic cautiously in the past as it carries the potential to sharply split Democrats and the public ahead of next year's presidential and congressional elections. That is what we do in a democracy.

The claim that "he's just not worth it" is particularly freaky - impeachment is the ultimate sign that someone isn't worthy of the powers of the presidency.

'Given the documentary evidence, the cancelled checks, given the audio tapes, given the other witnesses who are cooperating with the special counsel, it certainly appears there's no shortage of evidence, ' said Schiff.

We elected them to do a job.

The California Democrat also said that Trump is "ethically", "intellectually", and "curiosity-wise" unfit for office. "I think we'll see". "It's about what we can do for the people to lower health-care costs, bigger paychecks, cleaner government". "But is it the right decision for history, especially if you believe the president of the United States has committed crimes before we even get to the Mueller report?"

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