PS4 System Software 6.50 Adds Remote Play on iOS

You'll need an iPhone 7 or newer, or a 6th-gen iPad or newer to use PS4 Remote Play. Additionally, the app allows you to use your device's mic for voice chats and its keyboard for entering text.

On Thursday, Sony dropped a new PS4 update (6.50) that while seemingly tiny, adds a huge feature mobile gamers have been craving. You can not connect the DualShock controller to iPhone as well which would have otherwise made the iPhone a flawless portable PS4 gaming device. That was way back in 2014, and all this time, we've been wondering if this functionality would ever come to iOS.

Sony hasn't provided an exhaustive list of every game which is compatible, simply stating that you can play "your favorite PS4 games".

The best way to play PS4 games is with a controller, but of course, Apple won't let you connect a DualShock 4 controller to your iOS device.

Another big limitation is that you can not pair the PS4 Dualshock controller to iPhone/iPad.

Tucked in the latest mandatory Sony PlayStation 4 system update (version 6.50) is support for PS4 Remote Play apps for iPhones and iPads.

Remote Play was once exclusive to Sony's own device, so you couldn't enjoy it unless you owned an Xperia smartphone or a PlayStation Vita.

As long as those restrictions aren't deal breakers, getting up and running with remote play on iOS should be a relatively simple process. You will need to be on a Wi-Fi network to use Remote Play or connect the MiFi controller. This service is available only in certain countries and regions.

The update also includes the option to swap how the cross and circle buttons are used, in menus and the like - which, if you've seen our little video on what those buttons mean, might be of interest. If that qualifier applies to you, go to your PS4's Settings, then scroll down to System, and you'll find a toggle.

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