R Kelly breaks down in explosive first interview since arrest

New R. Kelly Allegations Surface in Detroit on the Heels of his Arrest for Child Support

R Kelly breaks down in explosive first interview since arrest

The two have shared their belief that Joycelyn is "being held against her will" by Kelly. "I'm just being honest". "I was so exhausted of not knowing where my money is, what my publishing is".

Allegations have followed Kelly ever since it was revealed that, at 27, he illegally married his 15-year-old protegee Aaliyah.

Colbert asked about Fox News' Jesse Watters mixing her up with Robin Roberts, who had interviewed Jussie Smollett.

Mr Kelly, 52, pleaded not guilty in February to charges that he sexually assaulted three teenage girls and a woman in alleged incidents dating back to 1998. Some charges involve underage girls, and some an alleged sex cult. The charges say Kelly used force or the threat of force.

Echoing his client, Johnson said that Kelly's inability to book performances was crippling his finances.

The parents of both women have repeatedly insisted that their daughters have been brainwashed by the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer and said they haven't had contact with them in years.

The singer has been accused of abusing four women, three of whom were between 13 and 16 years old when the acts allegedly happened.

"A very strong relationship", Savage said.

From there, Kelly discussed his two girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage.

But Clary bristled when King asked if they were in a three-way sexual relationship. Kelly interjects as King retorts, "You know I'm not saying women, you know what I'm talking about". I'm going to ruin you, I'm going to ruin him.

Meanwhile, Clary, 21, and Savage, 23, described their relationship with Kelly. They defended Kelly during an interview with CBS This Morning, and claimed their parents are trying to shake down Kelly for money he apparently doesn't have.

At the start of the call, Savage read what her parents believed was a preprepared message.

The pair went on to accuse their parents of being manipulative attention-seekers who wanted to extort money from R Kelly at their expense.

"We have never received a penny from R. Kelly". Kelly said, standing up. "And we never "sold" our daughter to him or anyone else". "All of the victims and parents can not be lying", they said. Clary and Savage are Kelly's girlfriends who live with him in Trump Tower.

Shortly after his emotional interview with CBS' Gayle King Wednesday, multiple award-winning American singer and songwriter, R. Kelly, was rearrested, this time for failure to pay child support.

Several of the people featured in the docuseries alleged that Kelly used promises of aiding women in their music career to lure them.

R. Kelly opened up about his financial struggles to CBS reporter Gayle King in the second part of their highly-publisised interview.

The singer denied he has had sex with anyone younger than 17 and said women have lied about him. "She sang and she couldn't sing".

The anonymous victim says she was visiting her mother in Detroit when she came into contact with a friend who was also the Pied Piper's assistant at the time. She said she told them that she thought she might "accidentally get clobbered, but I didn't think he would deliberately try to hurt me". "It's cause she was attractive".

To avoid being held in contempt of court, a judge earlier on Wednesday ordered Kelly to pay $161,663. She explained that in the viral image of Kelly standing angrily while she sits calmly, she was mostly trying to keep "Robert" from walking out of the interview. If my ex-wife is destroying my name and I can't work? "How can I get paid?"

Kelly said he proposed to his former wife by flying in on a helicopter with "a damn puppy". She said, "Everything that she's saying is true". We had three lovely kids ... King has one year left in her contract, with a salary estimate of $6 million a year, according to the outlet.

The couple reconciled and the order was rescinded a few weeks later.

Viewers saw just how physical Kelly got, but King says that she didn't think that he'd actually hit her. "I'm not, I'm your child", she said through tears. "I'm just being honest".

Hours later, Kelly went to the child-support hearing "expecting to leave".

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