Rwanda to Launch Broadband Satellite Wednesday

Visualization of a One Web satellite in orbit – via OneWeb

Visualization of a One Web satellite in orbit – via OneWeb

Speaking on the proposed launch of "Icyerekezo", the Minister of ICT and Innovation, Paula Ingabire said that the government has made remarkable efforts to invest in broadband connectivity and believed the satellite is proof of government's commitment to continue connecting underserved communities.

On Wednesday at around 23:30 pm, the much anticipated satellite is expected to be sent into orbit from a spaceport on the Atlantic coast of French Guiana. The launch "marks the start of a new phase for our company as we begin scaling our satellite constellation in preparation to start full commercial services", CEO Adrian Steckel said in a statement.

 20 constellation satellites in its order book for satellite constellation operators SES (with Soyuz), Airbus Defence and Space (on Vega C), ESA and the European Commission (using Ariane 6) and Spire (aboard Vega).

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and OneWeb Systems Inc. founder Greg Wyler talk about the rocket launch of six satellites made by the startup. We are delighted to be working with OneWeb who will provide us with the high-speed broadband coverage for the Quika service, which we need to reach all our customers, removing geographic, speed and latency barriers. Using this next-generation, highly advanced satellites arranged in the night sky in the form of artificial constellations, OneWeb will attempt to provide seamless connectivity of the internet throughout the world and set up incredible communication globally. The Ku band will then be used to communicate with user terminals and to allow the satellites to communicate with one another.

OneWeb announced yesterday the signing of its first two customers, highlighting the demand for global coverage solutions. OneWeb has raised more than $2 billion from Virgin, SoftBank Group Corp., Qualcomm Inc., Airbus SE and others to build an initial fleet of 650 satellites and eventually as many as 1,980. A total of 900 satellites to be launched for the project in the space. Moreover, they are manufactured in mass production - more satellites to be built daily.

OneWeb is not the only company that such a project works.

With OneWeb's global communications network, customers will take advantage of high speed, low latency broadband services which go beyond the limits of existing infrastructure - for example, to remote, rural communities and for businesses and industries that rely on global connectivity, such as Aviation, Maritime, Automotive, and Locomotives.

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