Slack Dark Mode Rolls Out To Beta Testers On Android And iOS

Slack brings dark mode to its Android and iOS apps in the latest update

Dark mode arrives in Slack's iOS and Android apps

Slack added the "darker, higher-contrast theme" option to its iOS and Android apps Monday, so checking out your work messages on the move won't be quite so bright. Whatever the reason for wanting a dark mode in Slack may be, the functionality is now live for many mobile users. Workplace communication tool Slack has finally joined the ranks of apps that offer a dark mode - but there's a catch. The new dark mode is only available to those who have signed up as a beta tester for Slack, so if you haven't done that yet now would be a good time.

9to5Mac spotted Slack updates for the iOS and Android, noting that the feature is now being tested, and helpfully points out how to activate it for yourself. So, if you want to get Dark Mode right now, you will need to enter the Beta program. Android users will then have to restart the app to apply the dark mode settings. Just scroll down toward the bottom, and you'll see the "Dark Mode" entry.

You've got a few options when it comes to controlling dark mode in individual Apple apps for macOS too.

No wonder every company is eager to see it being sensible to people's concerns and is offering the same as part of the latest updates for several apps.

Another huge benefit to dark mode is that it also saves a lot of battery life on your device. For iOS users, the app will automatically switch to dark mode interface after toggling it on.

There are so many tools and features in Slack that can help make you a more productive team member and many ways to maximize the use of the app. Do you notice the difference on your eyes between the white background and the grey background?

After approval, you need to refresh the app.

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