Support for the Microsoft Band is ending in May

Microsoft to Refund Band Owners as It Ends Support for Fitness Tracker’s Apps Services

Microsoft Band users can claim refund until August 30

Anyone who bought one of the two types of bands will be eligible for a refund of $79.99 (£60) for a first generation band and $175 for a second generation model.

Do not reset the Microsoft Band or else! Now, the Microsoft Band was discontinued back in 2017, but these apps kept functioning in order to serve those who bought it.

Users have been instructed to transfer their data using the export tools on Microsoft's support site before May 31.

The company went on to explain that Band applications will be removed from the Microsoft Store, Google Play, and iOS App Store, which means the phone apps will cease to work after May 31, and all server-side data will be deleted. It was followed by a sequel a couple of years later, but not long after that, Microsoft announced it wouldn't be releasing any more of the fitness trackers in the future.

Do you hope to get a refund for your soon-to-be pointless device?

Although the Microsoft Health Dashboard are being closed down, Microsoft say that Band owners will still be able to use their devices minus and web features.

"Functionality will be limited to what's available on the Band device".

"Resetting the device after the service been discontinued will make it impossible to set up the device again".

Introduced in 2014, Microsoft Band came with smart-watch and activity-tracker features, developed by the Windows-maker. The device can still track daily steps, heart rate and basic workouts, record runs and bike rides, monitor sleep and set alarms.

Microsoft has also published a FAQ to answer any questions you might have about the official death of Microsoft Band and the associated software.

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