Throwing Cheese At Babies Is A Real Challenge On Social Media

Parents Are Chucking Cheese At Their Kids As A Joke – But Is It Funny?

Is the 'Cheesed Challenge' Bad for Your Kids?

Is that really worth a few social media likes?

Why are parents hurling slices of cheese at their kids?

ICYMI: the Baby Cheese Challenge is a viral internet prank that involves parents throwing slices of processed cheese onto their baby's heads and recording their reactions.

It all started when a dad from MI chose to fling a piece of cheese at his baby. "He wasn't happy after this one".

The video, which garnered more than 40 million views, 140,000 shares and nearly 10,000 comments, went viral in just a few days but is no longer available on Facebook, which means the dad may have deleted it or changed the privacy settings of the post.

Some seemed to find the videos hilarious. But the challenge is also leaving some kids startled and less than thrilled.

Just off the heels of the Baby Cheese Challenge, we found something else that'll make you hysterically laugh your butt off.

Some of the kids think it's amusing, others are baffled.

It looks like the challenge began in the USA last week.

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