Tom Izzo goes unhinged on freshman

Tom Izzo goes unhinged on freshman

Tom Izzo goes unhinged on freshman

So I talked to Izz, I talked to Aaron. First Izzo got in Henry's face, then, upon his talking to the team in the huddle, Izzo lunged at Henry and had to be restrained by other Michigan State players. They were effort-related.

No. 2 seed Michigan State escaped an upset bid from Bradley on Thursday.

During a timeout, Izzo met Henry at half court and began jawing at him. He coached him in that moment, Michigan State has high standards of play, and Tom Izzo's job, and I think our job, is to push a guy to a place he can't take himself.

'I get a kick out of you guys, get after somebody because you are trying to hold them accountable, ' he said.

Forbes NBA analyst Tommy Beer expressed a similar sentiment on Twitter: 'I wonder if Izzo was head of a newspaper would he pay his employees?? If Michigan State continues to advance in the NCAA Tournament, its matchups will likely mean more big frontcourts and good matchups for Ward.

"I did get after him".

Twenty years ago, most people under 30 were tuned in to the internet going to every website possible to see what others were saying about their favorite teams seeding and even posting on the comments section of and articles. I'm sorry. You know what?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Winston went on to open up about what Izzo told him, explaining the coach's anger had to do with Henry "jogging back on defense" and "just looking lackadaisical at some point, which he was".

Henry had eight points, three rebounds and one assist in the Spartans' 76-65 win over No. 15 seed Bradley.

Following the game, Henry was asked about getting yelled at by Izzo and his answer was ideal.

And guess what? The victor would face another Big Ten opponent next week in the East Region semifinals in Washington, D.C., if sixth-seeded Maryland beats third-seeded LSU on Saturday.

Minnesota comes into Saturday's game playing some of its best ball.

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