Trump Says he Doesn't Mind If Public Sees Mueller's Russia Probe Report

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump walk to their motorcade after attending service at Saint John's Church in Washington Sunday

Trump Says he Doesn't Mind If Public Sees Mueller's Russia Probe Report

President Donald Trump says it's "ridiculous" that special counsel Robert Mueller is writing a report to summarize his findings - but says he's looking forward to seeing what it says.

A Suffolk University/USA Today national survey released Monday found that half of US voters agree with President Donald Trump's assertion that Mueller's probe is a "witch hunt", motivated by politics, while 47 percent do not. That's because we've already learned of a tremendous amount of wrongdoing, misconduct and criminality by top aides due to the Mueller investigation and its spinoffs, and because multiple investigations will continue after the Mueller probe closes shop.

Have President Trump's uncompromising denunciations of Bob Mueller's "witch hunt" been effective?

Trump's tweeted version was even more graphic: The Democrats' House investigative committees were going "stone cold insane".

He then voiced his support for the report's release but reiterated, as he has said previously, that if or how the report gets released is up to recently-installed Attorney General Bill Barr.

"What happens when it comes back and says none of this was true, the president did not do anything wrong?"

This downward trend could be explained by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) recent remark that any attempt to remove Trump from office will not be worthwhile and even further divide the nation.

But that aside, it's simply absurd to read much into Trump's stated desire for the report to be released.

"With the investigation in its third year, people want to know what the investigation uncovered and whether President Trump colluded with the Russians or directed others to collude with the Russians", he said in a statement.

Only 28 percent of people surveyed still highly trust that former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Mueller's investigation has been conducted fairly and accurately, down 5 points since December and representing the lowest level to-date.

Mueller, Trump charges, "put 13 angry Democrats in" his investigative team, also false.

"Again, I say, a deputy, because of the fact that the attorney general didn't have the courage to do it himself, a deputy that's appointed appoints another man to write a report", he said.

"I just won one of the greatest elections of all time in the history of the country", Trump added, which is false. You know better than anybody there's no collusion.

Gohmert accused Rosenstein and his "henchmen" in the Justice Department of consistently "undermining" former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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