Trump Urges General Motors To Reopen Ohio Plant In Tweet

Trump Urges General Motors To Reopen Ohio Plant In Tweet

Trump Urges General Motors To Reopen Ohio Plant In Tweet

Trump on Monday tweeted that GM, the fourth biggest automaker in the world, and the UAW are opening negotiations on a new contract in September and October.

"Why wait, start them now!"

The Ohio plant employed about 1,400 hourly workers.

Mr. Trump tweeted over the weekend and through Monday morning about his frustration with the plant's closure, claiming that "car companies are all coming back to the U.S." and touting the USA economy as "the envy of all". Overall, the company said its restructuring plan would result in the elimination of about 14,000 jobs, though it has said some of those workers will be able to transfer to other facilities.

FOX 8 has been following the president's statements on Lordstown. She blamed the UAW Union - I don't care, I just want it open!'

The president tweeted the following, saying Barra is blaming the UAW Union about the plant closure.

President Donald Trump says he is "not happy" over General Motors' closing of a manufacturing facility in Lordstown, Ohio, earlier this month, and he's pressuring the company to take action for the sake of 1,700 workers who lost their jobs because of the move.

He also said he spoke to GM CEO Mary Barra on Sunday and asked her to either sell the plant or "do something quickly".

"We remain open to talking with all the affected stakeholders, but our main focus remains on our employees and offering them jobs in our plants where we have growth opportunities", the company said.

Trump travels to politically important OH this week.

The dispute centers on GM's November 2018 decision to close plants across North America in a broader bid to be more competitive and focus specifically on producing SUVs and pickup trucks. He claimed that "other much better vehicle companies are coming into the droves".

He also blasted GM for letting down the US and asserted "much better" automakers are coming to the country.

Even as he said he talked to Barra, Trump was calling on GM to reopen its Lordstown plant or find another owner, while insisting that the Detroit automaker 'must act quickly'. Trump - who frequently references the US economy and low unemployment rates in tweets, during meetings with world leaders and in gaggles and interviews with reporters - often complains he doesn't get enough credit for successes.

Toyota, Japan's largest automaker, has tried to work its way into Trump's good graces after being a target of his tweets when he was president-elect in January 2017.

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