UNHRC says Israel used 'excessive force' in Gaza

UNHRC says Israel used 'excessive force' in Gaza

UNHRC says Israel used 'excessive force' in Gaza

The nine countries that voted against the resolution were Brazil, Australia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Ukraine, Togo and Fiji. Britain and many European Union countries abstained.

"Israel notes with satisfaction that nine countries voted against the biased resolution and that a moral majority of countries did not endorse the resolution".

Israel said it doesn't feel bound by "an absurd, pro-Hamas and pro-terrorism report" that it said was voted on by "dictatorships and hypocrites". This indicates the Israeli systematic policy to target the medical personnel and obstruct their humanitarian work guaranteed with protection according to worldwide humanitarian law.

The UN Human Rights Council adopted a report critical of Israel over its handling of the violent events along the Gaza border over the a year ago.

Thousands attended the protests, including Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the militant Hamas group.

Israel says the protests were organized by Hamas and were aimed at breaching the border fence with the specific aim of killing Israelis. Although the protesters gathered in areas open to the Israeli snipers stationed on the top of the sand berms and military watchtowers and inside and behind the military jeeps, the Israeli forces fired live and rubber bullets in addition to a barrage of tear gas canisters.

At least 257 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire in Gaza since weekly protests began almost a year ago.

A Palestinian throws rock in response to Israeli forces' intervention during a protest within "Great March of Return" demonstrations near Al Bureij Refugee Camp in Gaza City, Gaza on March 22, 2019. Since then, about 190 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier have been killed during the weekly rallies. Three Injuries of those wounded were reported serious.

There are "reasonable grounds" to believe that Israeli troops tasked with fending off Gazan protesters "killed and gravely injured civilians who were neither directly participating in hostilities nor posing an imminent threat", the report alleged.

Israel rejected the report outright, denouncing it two weeks ago, when the commission published a brief summary of it.

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