Walt Frazier rips Lakers star LeBron James: 'He doesn't really care'

LeBron James and the Lakers are dreaming of some help in free agency before the start of next season

LeBron James and the Lakers are dreaming of some help in free agency before the start of next season

After yesterday's ABC games, Pierce suggested that if the Lakers somehow win the draft lottery for the 1st pick, they should trade LeBron James.

James' jumper gave Los Angeles a 122-111 lead with 3:45 to play before NY answered with a flourish, with Dotson's layup bringing NY within one with 37.1 seconds to play. Kyle Kuzma had 18 while JaVale McGee added 12 points and 11 rebounds. From there, things quickly deteriorated for the Lakers and now they find themselves 11th in the Western Conference with nearly no hope at making it to the postseason. Somehow, things got even more embarrassing today.

"But we have an opportunity to get better, and that's something that is definitely great to know that, when you have an opportunity to get better from a personnel standpoint". Two teams out of the postseason.

James was sitting away from the huddle during a timeout Sunday against the New York Knicks, and broadcaster and National Basketball Association icon Walt "Clyde" Frazier unloaded on him, going as far as to say James "doesn't really care".

The Knicks, however, produced a startling late run which ended with Emmanuel Mudiay levelling the score at 123-123 with the first of two free throws before draining the second to give his team a 124-123 lead. "And right now we see he doesn't really care".

Trying to turn a negative into a positive, the second-year star has turned his attention to using his remaining minutes of the 2018/19 Lakers season the season to develop his game further and get some reps up before another long summer.

Knicks: Fizdale said starters Dennis Smith Jr.

"Back-to-back games, I think it's going to be good for him". There's no rule that says if you have a bunch of younger teammates next to LeBron James. I was just trying to play as hard as I can and try to stop him'. "Take those lumps now and later on in his career no one will remember this stuff, when he now is the guy that's beating up on the kids". After the game, head coach Luke Walton defended James. The forward was ruled out for the season earlier this month after he was diagnosed with deep venous thrombosis.

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