Why this could be last time change you'll ever make

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday. Dan Gleiter

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday. Dan Gleiter

This also means it's time for the annual daylight saving debate - this year, centred on B.C., which is considering ditching the time change so it can remain on the same time as California. "This has two consequences", Dr. M. Safwan Badr, a pulmonologist at DMC's Detroit Receiving Hospital, told CBS News. But sleeping times vary from person to person, and needs change as people age, so the amount of hours each person sleeps will be different.

The disruption in sleep patterns can have a number of effects on your health.

It may be the last time you ever do it - unless your clock breaks or battery dies.

Something historic could take place when you set the clock ahead tonight.

Sleep disruptions can also affect memory, performance and concentration levels. Dickerson said it sounds far off, but there are already proposals at the national level to do away with Daylight Saving Time, and recently the Florida legislature passed a bill similar to the ones in Tennessee. "These government-mandated interruptions of natural biological rhythms and sleep cycles can wreak havoc on job performance, academic results, and overall physical/mental health". Sunrises this week have been around 6:45 a.m.; that will move an hour ahead.

Researchers found that switching to Daylight Saving Time increases the risk of having a heart attack on the following Monday by 25 percent, compared to other Mondays during the year.

"Effective immediately after federal law authorizes the state to apply year-round daylight saving time, the standard time within the state shall advance by one hour commencing at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of the March following the effective date of the federal authorization".

Daylight Saving Time is here again.

Badr notes that the daylight saving time adjustment can be harder on some people than on others. "The extra time of sunshine brings a smile to everyone's faces, puts a spring in our step, and offers a great reason to get outside and enjoy the outdoors". Florida lawmakers moved to end the practice in 2018, though ABC Action News reported that the legislation has yet to go into effect. Stick to healthy sleep habits. But, we gain an hour of sunlight, so you're not leaving work or school in the dark under a cloak of darkness (good). On Sunday, Floridians should set their clocks forward an hour. One could be more productive, he argued, if they woke up earlier.

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