Xbox One S Disc-less Console Reportedly Releasing in May

Microsoft's disc-less Xbox One S could be coming on 7 May

This is our tragic mock-up of what the Xbox One S All Digital edition could look like

IF YOU HATE PHYSICAL MEDIA, we have good news for you son, Microsoft is going disc-less with a new Xbox One.

Some more information and imagery has spilled with regard to the purported Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Rumours about the disc-free console, apparently codenamed Maverick, began past year, with the Xbox One S All-Digital name appearing earlier this month. Though it couldn't give us any details on pricing, Windows Central did show us a mock-up of what its box could look like, which you can see above.

Two weeks later, the same source reveals that it has received confirmation of the console's existence in the form of product shots and documents pointing to a specific release date.

The Xbox One S All-Digital doesn't feature a built-in Blu-Ray player, which should allow Microsoft to offer the console at a cheaper price point than the standard 1TB Xbox One S, which already costs an affordable £249.99 in the United Kingdom and $299 in the USA (bundled with a game) at the time of writing. Now, according to a report by Windows Central, the likely date for the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launch could be May 7, 2019, after it's revealed at the Inside Xbox event. That means there's no Blu-ray drive, instead the gaming experience will be digital-only.

Obviously, it still hasn't been formally announced by Microsoft, but it looks pretty clear that this digital box is coming, and if WindowsCentral is to be believed, it should be fairly soon!

As has previously been reported, the All-Digital Xbox One S will have the lowest MSRP of any current Xbox console. It seems to adopt the basic structure of an Xbox One S, just without a drive or eject button. Along with that, the images featured on WindowsCentral are also mockups made by them to protect the origin of the images.

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