You'll soon be able to play Call of Duty on your smartphone

Activision выпустит Call of Duty Mobile для Android и iOS с королевской битвой

The announcement is accompanied by a brief teaser showcasing the abundance of skirmishes with the use of various weapons

The game will be focused on online multiplayer, incorporating popular weapons, maps, and characters from past "Call of Duty" games like "Black Ops" and "Modern Warfare".

In a brand new announcement, Activision unveiled that Call of Duty will be available to play anywhere, anytime with Call of Duty: Mobile.

Publisher Activision together with the Chinese Corporation Tencent announced Call of Duty: Mobile.

"Over the coming months we will be releasing pre-launch Betas for fans who pre-register to continue optimizing the experience and fine-tuning the game".

To download the game you would need to first register on the Google Play Store. Registered users will receive latest game updates, information, and access to the public beta rolling out later this year.

Activision and Tencent revealed a new Call of Duty mobile game for China in 2018. "This is an attempt to migrate to mobile devices a first-person shooter game with deep gameplay and colorful graphics". We know that it's free-to-play, but will Activision monetise through in-game cosmetics or upgrades to weapons and modes is still a mystery. Considering that Tencent has a part to play in it, the likelihood of it is low as it will directly compete with their flagship title: PUBG Mobile.

Activision has already confirmed various popular multiplayer modes including Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and Free-For-All and fan-favourite maps including Nuketown, Crash and Hijacked while teasing that more modes and environments will be announced in future. The event did not include any mention or hint of a potential 100-player battle royale mode, as seen in the PC and console versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Call of Duty Mobile is coming to iOS and Android devices sometime later this year. And Activision seems to have done just that, and want to capitalize on the huge crowd of gamers that have mobile. With its success in the Beta phase in the recent past, the company is now all set to launch the game to the masses, under the name, Call of Duty: Mobile.

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