Bangladesh girl burned to death on teacher’s order

Bangladesh girl burned to death on teacher’s order

Bangladesh girl burned to death on teacher’s order

He was arrested, but a police video of Nusrat making her complaint surfaced, and soon she became a target of harassment. When she declined, they set her on fire.

A woman holds a photograph of schoolgirl Nusrat Jahan Rafi at a protest in Dhaka, on April 12, 2019. The girl alleged that she ran out of the cabin before things escalated.

Breaking from societal norms in conservative Bangladesh, Rafi went to report the principal at a police station that day.

According to the BBC, she gave a statement that was filmed by the officer in charge on his phone. But Rafi's family began receiving death threats from his supporters and male students and local politicians called for his release.

On April 6, Ms. Rafi returned to her school to take her final exams.

He said later, "I tried to take my sister to school and tried to enter the premises, but I was stopped and wasn't allowed to enter". The police officer tells her it's "not a big deal" and to "stop crying, nothing happened that you have to cry", the Dhaka Tribune reported.

When she reached the rooftop, four or five people wearing burqas surrounded her and tried to persuade her to retract her complaint against the headmaster, she said, and when she refused, they doused her in kerosene and set her on fire.

United Nations coordinator in Bangladesh Mia Seppo slammed the "system's failure, in terms of a girl who is fearless enough to stand up against gender-based violence,"adding, "her courageous decision to do so led to more violence leading to her death".

Banaj Kumar Majumder also said her face was not burnt because one of the killers was holding her head down when they poured kerosene on her and it did not get to her head.

Police said on Friday that one of the 17 people arrested in connection with her death had accused the school's principal of ordering the attack. When she arrived in hospital, doctors found burns covering 80 per cent of her body.

Less than a week after the attack, Rafi died from her injuries. "The teacher touched me, I will fight this crime till my last breath", she said, reports Independent.

Nusrat's funeral was attended by thousands, as her story gripped Bangladesh and activists across the country and the world demanded better treatment for victims of sexual violence.

A Bangladeshi student has been burned to death after reporting her head teacher to police for allegedly sexually harassing her.

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According to the Daily Star, two of the men charged in the case have confessed in court to setting Rafi on fire, claiming they did so at the instruction of the headmaster.

Ms Rafi said the teacher called her into his office and repeatedly touched her in an inappropriate manner.

The case has caused outrage in and outside Bangladesh, with Prime Minister Hasina vowing that "none of the culprits will be spared legal action".

Among those arrested are the two male students who organised the protest in support of the headmaster, the headmaster himself remains in custody, and the policeman who filmed Nusrat's sexual harassment complaint has been removed from his post and transferred to another department. Ultimately the criminals don't get punished and they do the same crime again.

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