Borderlands 3 release date might have been leaked by Gearbox

Possible Release Date for Borderlands 3 Leaked + Is It an Epic Games Store Exclusive

Borderlands 3 release date might have been leaked by Gearbox

Borderlands own Twitter account looks to have released the release date of Borderlands 3 ahead of this week's reveal event.

The latter has led some to speculate that perhaps Epic has secured another high-profile exclusive, and therefore Borderlands 3 won't be offered on Steam.

As you can see, apparently the release date of September 13 was accidentally spilled, and a video advert for Twitter (which was also quickly yanked down) was also shared, which carries an Epic Games Store logo in the bottom-left corner, next to the publisher and developer logos.

Gearbox Software's CEO Randy Pitchford has weighed in on the idea of Borderlands 3 potentially being exclusive to the Epic Games Store on the PC platform.

Pitchford has expressed support for the Epic Games Store in the past that mirrored his comments above about supporting multiple platforms. However, the CEO of Gearbox also mentioned that he himself has been happily shopping for games in various digital platforms, including the Epic Store.

It's unclear if the company themselves were playing an April Fool's joke, but it doesn't seem likely, considering they deleted the message very quickly.

Much of what is going to happen on April 3 remains a mystery; however, we do know that several other Borderland projects will be launching on that date. But like a Russian nesting doll, that was yet another teaser, for more details to come on April 3.

In a response earlier this month, Pitchford tweets "What's wrong with that?"

Borderlands 3 had weeks of build-up for a PAX East announcement that put a proverbial ring on it, officially announcing the anticipated loot-shooter.

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